Immunetec Antimicrobial Bio Sponge


The special feature of the Immunetec Antimicrobial Bio Sponge is the Immunetec additive mixed into the material of the sponge during manufacturing. Thanks to this silver ion-based additive, bacteria, fungi, and viruses cannot settle and reproduce on the sponge.

One package contains 2pcs of Immunetec Antimicrobial Bio Sponges.

What does Immunetec additive provide?

  • long-term protection against pathogens
  • continuously inhibits the growth of dangerous microorganisms (antimicrobial efficiency> 99.9%)
  • the active substance is insoluble, so it does not leave any sediments
  • has a self-cleaning feature, preventing unpleasant odors
  • silver has a broad antimicrobial spectrum – against viruses, fungi and bacteria as well
  • Immunetec active substance is mixed into the sponge material during manufacturing, so it provides an antimicrobial effect throughout the lifetime of the product

The scratch-free gray felt layer covered with tiny minerals ensures the removal of the most stubborn, long-settled limestone or dirt, while providing a gentle cleaning for delicate surfaces. Thanks to its practical size and shape, cleaning even the smallest grooves, corners, thin-mouthed glasses is very convenient. There are two sponges in one package, so you do not have to worry about storage, and we also took care of a spare!

The material of traditional sponges provides an ideal environment for bacteria, in addition they often stay wet and warm. As a result, high concentration of bacteria can be detected in household/kitchen sponges in use. The number of bacteria in these sponges can even equal to that in a stool sample. Thus, it is recommended to change kitchen sponges weekly, but this is obviously not an environmentally friendly solution.

The Immunetec Bio Sponge does not stink; bacteria, fungi and viruses cannot settle in it, so it can be used for a long time.

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