Immunetec MicroCLEAN Plus Cleaning Cloth


The Immunetec MicroCLEAN Plus Cleaning Cloth is treated with our special antimicrobial Immunetec additive during manufacturing process. Contrary to average microfiber wipes, MicroCLEAN Plus, thanks to its silver ion-based additive, does not only removes pathogens momentarily, but also prevents them from settling and multiplying. Thus, the cleaning cloth does not carry fungi, bacteria, viruses to other surfaces in contact with the cloth.

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Microfibers of the Immunetec antimicrobial MicroCLEAN Plus wipes ensure that no stripes, fluffs, or any other marks remain when cleaning mirrors or other glass surfaces. With this technology, up to 10,000 meters of fiber can be produced from a single gram of material, so the surface and cleaning performance of the cloth is significantly enhanced. In accordance with the HACCP standard, 4 pieces of cloths of different colors (yellow, green, blue and red) were included in a package, so cleaning can be done on different surfaces and rooms with different colors for more hygienic use. This allows you to use a box of Immunetec MicroCLEAN Plus at four different parts of your home. The Immunetec additive keeps its antimicrobial effect for up to 40 washes, so – keeping in mind the needs of the HORECA sector – we also recommend our product for professional users. The cloth is made up of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide.

What does Immunetec additive provide?

  • long-term protection against pathogens
  • continuously inactivates dangerous microorganisms (antimicrobial efficiency> 99.9%)
  • the active substance is insoluble, so it does not leave any sediments behind
  • has a self-cleaning feature, preventing unpleasant odors
  • silver has a broad antimicrobial spectrum – against viruses, fungi and bacteria as well
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