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ImmunMex S. A. is a rapidly developing company in the Riviera Maya and the exclusive trading partner of Immunetec Proof Ltd. in Mexico.

Immunetec Proof Ltd. is a Hungarian company and is one of the outstanding examples of innovative product development in Hungary. The company developed a hand, textile and surface sanitizer that provides long-term protection against fungi, bacteria and viruses based on a unique technology.

The bestselling N°1 product is our skin protective cream, which was certified by the National Public Health Center in the EU, specifying the antimicrobial spectrum in its decree, which indicates that it has an inhibiting effect on the reproduction of bacteria and fungi and a selective viral inactivation effect (H1N1, Norovirus, COVID-19). The business success in Europe is clearly shown by the growing trust of our clients, particularly that of Magyar Posta Zrt. (Hungarian Postal Services PLC), Hungarian State Railways’ Hospital and Clinic, Thália Theatre of Budapest, Allianz Hungária PLC., EGIS Pharma PLC, WELLIS Hungary PLC, the Procter & Gamble Company and numerous other hospitals, cinemas, sport centers and hotels in Hungary. Besides the Hungarian market we have been distributing our products to Poland and Italy with further negotiations in the pipeline for additional expansion.

With the cooperation of ImmunMex, the Immunetec products are now becoming available for the Riviera Maya region. In the current epidemiological situation these products will mean an innovative and long-lasting solution for viruses and bacteria – but also provide an answer to the evergreen question of mold in the region.

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