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Long-lasting Antimicrobial Surface Protection

Immunetec ASP, based on silver ion technology, is a quick-to-dry, scrub resistant, universal antimicrobial coating solution, which grants a long lasting, up to 1-year protection against bacteria, fungi and viruses.

What do you need to know about the coating?

  • This smooth, aesthetically pleasing, durable and extremely abrasion-resistant coating has a silky finish.
  • The special coating is resistant to household diluted acids, bases, commonly used detergents and disinfecting agents.
  • Due to its excellent wet abrasion resistance, it is listed in the mid-range of the first-class product category according to quality standards. (3,1 mikron abrasion per 200 cycles)

Immunetec ASP provides a perfect solution for surfaces prone to microbial contamination. Immunetec ASP does NOT contain any nano substances, so it is completely safe to use.

Antimicrobial efficiency: > 99.9 % – ISO MOD 22196

Would you like to learn more about Immunetec ASP?

Areas of use

The silver-ion technology based Immunetec ASP is recommended to apply on surfaces that are touched and used by many people every day, thus creating a hotbed for germs. Such surfaces include railings, handholds, door handles, lamp switches etc. Furthermore, it is recommended to treat walls exposed to high humidity, because they are much likely to have fungi or mold appear on them.

Applying the product will result in long-term resistance against bacteria, fungus, and viruses on the treated surfaces.

Movies, theaters

Hygienically, cinemas and theaters can pose various sources of danger to both visitors and workers.

When many people are present in an enclosed space at the same time, it is important to deal with pathogen control as a priority, especially when it comes to a commercial unit that sells food. Immunetec Antimicrobial Surface Protection Coating ensures a continuous 1-year protection against bacteria, fungi, and viruses of various surfaces in restrooms and cafeterias. Furthermore, the use of Immunetec ASP is highly recommended on the surfaces of handrails, doorhandles, and armrests.

Special attention should also be paid to the protection of cinema and theater seats, as bacteria, fungi, and viruses settle down on them, posing a health risk to visitors who come into contact with them for hours. On the soft material of the seats, we recommend the use of Immunetec Antimicrobial Textile Spray, which, from the first moment of application, continuously takes up the fight against pathogens.

Finally, for the sake of complete protection, we recommend the large volume pack version of our latest product, Immunetec Antimicrobial Hand and Skin Care Cream, which can be loaded into automatic dispensers for your convenience. 

The protection against pathogens of kindergartens and schools is of utmost importance. While playing, children touch each other, take objects of interest in their hands, and then touch their faces or mouths without taking any notice. Even as self-conscious adults, it is challenging to continuously pay attention to possible sources of danger, thus it is our responsibility to protect our young ones from germs.

Immunetec Antimicrobial Surface Protection provides a full, 1-year protection against bacteria, fungi, and viruses on various surfaces in kindergartens and schools. Application of Immunetec ASP is recommended on all surfaces that are used or touched by many. Such platforms include restroom surfaces, walls, floors, doorhandles, railings, or the surface of toys made of wood, metal, or hard plastic.

To provide full protection in schools and kindergartens by ensuring hand and skin hygiene, we recommend the use of the large volume pack version of Immunetec Antimicrobial Hand and Skin Care Cream. The product can be loaded into automatic dispensers for your convenience.

The hygienic safety of textile and soft toys is grated by Immunetec Antimicrobial Fabric Spray, which is effective even after 3-4 washes.

Martial arts

Due to the very nature of martial arts, athletes are facing a high health risk while training. During exercise, they stay barefoot on the tatami, where saliva, sweat and blood may be present. Their faces may touch these contaminated platforms, so they are likely to get infections from a surface that has not been treated or does not bear any antimicrobial properties.

With Immunetec Antimicrobial Surface Protection, we are able to provide a CONTINUOUS, one-year-long protection against bacteria, fungi, and viruses on the surfaces of tatami mats, changing rooms, and washrooms. The treated surfaces have a continuous germ inactivating effect, so they provide an undisturbed protection on the carpet. Cleaning with conventional cleaning agents only disinfects at a given moment and does not inhibit the subsequent reproduction of pathogens. Immunetec ASP inactivates the HIV Type 1 virus in just 30 seconds and eliminates the foot fungus (Trichophyton Mentagrophytes) in 10 minutes.

When using Immunetec Antimicrobial Fabric Spray, textiles can also be disinfected. The forming of unpleasant odors can be restrained as well by preventing the growth of bacteria on the sports gear.

For trainings, we also recommend the individual use of Immunetec Antimicrobial Hand and Skin Care Cream on athletes’ hands, faces, and feet.

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In accordance with EU regulations (528/2012/EU) and national regulation number 38/2003. (VII.7) ESzCsM-FVM-KvVM our product ranks in the 7th Product Type of the 2nd Main Group (PT7). Biocidal products that are listed under PT7 category, holding a laboratory examination report demonstrating their antimicrobial effect (IMMUNETEC –NPHC-bacteriostatic test number KJMI- DDD-12869-2/2018) and an expert’s report (by the National Center for Epidemiology), can be used anytime – throughout the  transition period – without special permission from the NPHC.

How does it work?

The silver substance in the product has the best effect in case of ionization. Humidity in the air induces ion exchange in the silver additive and silver-ions are created. These ions concentrate in the top layer of the coating but react only in case of microbial contamination. Upon contact, silver-ions prevent the DNA reproduction of bacteria or other pathogens, leaving them unable to multiply or mutate. There is a continuous rotation amongst silver-ions that are in reaction and there is a continuous resupply of them. The higher the humidity the more silver-ions are formed. Surfaces protected by silver ions are granted a high efficiency microbial growth inhibition throughout the warranty period of the product (1 year).


Immunetec Safety Detection Additive

Immunetec ASP layer contains special safety detection particles, which can be detected anytime on the treated surface from the moment of addition, during application or drying, thus ensuring the following:

  • It can be easily demonstrated if antimicrobial coat is present on the treated surface or not.
  • The state of the antimicrobial coat is easily verifiable (detects possible abrasion).
  • Provides data on the presence of the antimicrobial surface for infection control, HACCP.
  • Possibility to control without time limitation.

Detection is executed by a certain spectrum of light; the enlightened surface reflects a green light.

Silver-ion produces its effect on a wide spectrum of pathogens:

30 seconds
Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella choleraesuis, Listeria monocytogenes, HIV Type 1 – Strain HTLVIIIB

1 minute
Herpes Simplex Type, VR-733 F(1) Strain Influenza

2 minutes
VRE, MRSA, Escherichia coli O157:H7

10 minutes
Trichophyton mentagrophytes, Influenza A VR-544 Hong Kong strain, Rhinovirus R37 VR-1147, Strain 151-1

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